Our sustainble basic collection

DesignByU can produce from small till big quantities as your request. Do you wish to customize your sustainable home textile? It is possible to add your own brand by label or embroidery.

In case you are looking for a special quality or color, we can work your private label request out, as your wishes.

Our basic never-out-of-stock collection is constantly being developed and expanded and currently includes; towels, bathmats, bath slippers and bathrobes

Any questions? Contact monique@designbyu.eu.

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Our sustainble basic collection. A blue dress and a white blouse.
DesignByU provides a never-out-of-stock basic collection produced under fair conditions.

Create a sustainable clothing line with DesignByU

Fast Fashion clothing has lower quality and shorter shelf life. This results in producing more CO2 emissions. In additon to that, the production of fast fashion clothing creates poorer working conditions.

DesignByU realizes sustainability throughout the entire production. We make sure that there are fair treatment and good working conditions in our production facilities.

We regularly check that our conditions are met.

DesignByU is not only your partner in fashion, but also in sustainability and transparency.

Read now what sustainability means for DesignByU: https://designbyu.eu/sustainable-fashion/

Sustainable fashionable clothing. Create your own clothing line with DesignByU. See two examples above.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The social responsibility of our fashion company is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

Through our use of 100% organic cotton from certified suppliers, we contribute to sustainability in the fashion industry.

Convince yourself and let your fashion be a pioneer in environmentally friendly produced clothing.

With GOTS and BSCI certified cotton, your fashion will set new standards in sustainable fashion.

DesignByU is your partner in sustainable clothing and production